Frank Linders – a deep visual thinker with a keen sensitive feeling for colours, lines and shapes.

Through years of experiences and vision, he created his unique look. It`s based on extremely long exposures up to several hours. Therefore the sun turns from a point into a line, shadows become soft and all movements of everyday-life disappears or leave transparent traces. His photographs unveil a reality you cannot perceive.

Depending on the assignment, Frank utilizes all tools of analogue and digital photography and – naturally – CGI.

Always passionate. Always on the go.

since 2008Freelance Photographer based in Hamburg
2001 – 2008Freelance Assistent
for various well-known Photographers like Hubertus Hamm, Olaf Hauschulz, Andreas Mühe, Manfred Rieker and so on
1999 – 2001Assistent
René Staud Studios GmbH, Stuttgart
1996 – 1999Apprenticeship
Vogelsänger Studios GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld